The Inspiration Behind Episode 4

At My Krazy Ex, the only thing we don’t tolerate is craziness. That’s why the woman in the story of Episode 4 struck us as very accepting, until things went tragically wrong. A story from a friend of one of our writers told us about her three-month relationship with a deeply religious man.

In the initial phase of dating, she was accepting of his views of waiting until marriage before getting physical. As time went on and he continuously excused himself when things got too intense, she became suspicious of his several minute disappearances.

One fateful day, she decided to follow him and caught him in the middle of a very unconventional way to keep the faith. In the end, his escapade made him far too crazy for any average women to deal with. Hopefully, he’s either married or found a different outlet for his urges.

A fun fact about this one, there is some nudity involved. Not too much, but enough to make it a little NSFW. The actor who played the boyfriend may have enjoyed this episode just a little too much.

To find out what forced one woman to reconsider her Krazy Ex, watch Episode 4. For photos of the cast and crew, check out our behind the scenes gallery.

The Inspiration Behind Episode 3

We all have a friend who’s full of useful wisdom and timely advice. My friend’s good advice, “Don’t jump to conclusions” came at a time when I was dating one of the top contenders for craziest ex. Instead of running from situation after situation of crazy conversation, I sat and nodded as she justified her viewpoints.

And now, a hypothetical for all of you: Would you rather kill a random human or random dog if given the choice? I’m going on the assumption that most people are going to reply “dog” without much hesitation. If you had a follow-up question, too much hesitation, or said “human” instead of dog, then you might just be someone’s crazy ex.

Not much of the dialogue in this episode changed from the actual incidents that inspired it. Unlike some of my other exes, and eventually my wife, who were matched to me by eHarmony and, I met this woman at a bar and asked for her number the old-fashioned way. The lesson: Taking your friend’s advice and get out of your comfort zone can spell disaster.

Watch Episode 3 of My Krazy Ex here for another reason to be terrified of the dating scene. If you’re already hooked, then take a look at our behind the scenes gallery for pictures of the cast, crew and filming.

The Inspiration Behind Episode 2

Some events are simply too crazy to make up. We found inspiration for Episode 2 straight out of the headlines: “Man Spends $212,000 on Failed Love Spell.” You can see why we had to cut the amount in our episode down by 75%. Sometimes reality is a lot crazier than fiction.

Back in 2013 Jose Laparra, wealthy manager of a Spanish soccer team, decided to try out a love potion on the woman of his dreams. At My Krazy Ex, we call this kind of “love” something different but you can be the judge. The forlorn Romeo did what any self-respecting crazy ex would do: purchase a love potion from a gypsy. As expected, the potion did not succeed and he went to claim his refund in a very unconventional way.

Like the leading man in Episode 2, Jose spent a huge chunk of change on his potion. When he went to the gypsy for a refund, she refused. Next thing you know Jose takes matters into his own hands by stealing the money back. Like the leading man in our episode, Jose was caught. He had to pay an undisclosed, probably unbelievable sum, for bail.

Want to watch Episode 2 of My Krazy Ex? Click here for another episode of love gone wrong. Want to see behind the scenes pictures and details about cast, crew, and filming? Check our behind the scenes gallery.

The Inspiration Behind Episode 1

The holidays can be hard on anyone. But if you’ve spent yours with a crazy ex then you know the true meaning of dysfunction. It was around Christmastime, and I invited my ex to my office Christmas party. We snuck off to my office for some time alone when she discovered, buried under the papers on my desk, a magazine that had some scantily clad woman on the cover.

This magazine wasn’t Penthouse or Playboy. It was something you’d see at the supermarket checkout line, nothing salacious. Instead of accepting this as normal, she flipped out and wanted to break up with me on the spot. As my first crazy ex, a nightmare that continued on and off for years, I got used to strange accusations and drama right from the start. Big mistake.

I’ve never understood how she connected the imaginary dots, but I know she had some deep-seeded issues. Do you want to know the really crazy thing? This was one of many situations over years. In retrospect, I kind of wonder who the crazy one was: her or me.

Check out Episode 1 of My Krazy Ex here. Already seen the episode and want more? Our behind the scenes gallery has pictures and details about cast, crew, and filming.

The Idea Behind My Krazy Ex (My Crazy Ex)

CupidAs a writer, I have always considered the ‘ol “Writing 101” adage:  “Write what you know”. And I can honestly say, I know crazy. So crazy in fact, that as the creator of the My Krazy Ex web series, I had to spell “crazy” with a “K”.

In my younger dating years, you could call me the “fixer”. I felt that I could date anyone with baggage and help them through it. In the process however, their package would open up and hit me in the face (no I was never actually hit, thankfully). To be fair, my exes did crazy things, but they were not necessarily “Crazy” themselves. They were just trying to process their demons and I was their demon handler.

While creating the My Krazy Ex web series, I choose to present the material in a humorous light since many of the situations were, after all, pretty funny in hindsight. The episodes tackle crazy dating situations while allowing the audience a brief glimpse inside the head of the exes as the the silly drama unfolds.

Being an equal opportunity crazy-ex story teller, I felt it was only fair to include crazy ex boyfriends as well. I hate to admit it, but men can be just as crazy. So for the men stories, we asked around to many woman to get stories for the crazy men out there. We even found inspiration through the headlines for one of the episodes.

Of course for humor’s sake, we do take some liberties with the stories and change the names to protect the not-so innocent, but all of the episodes are inspired from actual true life crazy ex stories. And we have many more stories to tell.

—Adam Bain
Creator, Writer, Director

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