News > The Inspiration Behind Episode 3

We all have a friend who’s full of useful wisdom and timely advice. My friend’s good advice, “Don’t jump to conclusions” came at a time when I was dating one of the top contenders for craziest ex. Instead of running from situation after situation of crazy conversation, I sat and nodded as she justified her viewpoints.

And now, a hypothetical for all of you: Would you rather kill a random human or random dog if given the choice? I’m going on the assumption that most people are going to reply “dog” without much hesitation. If you had a follow-up question, too much hesitation, or said “human” instead of dog, then you might just be someone’s crazy ex.

Not much of the dialogue in this episode changed from the actual incidents that inspired it. Unlike some of my other exes, and eventually my wife, who were matched to me by eHarmony and, I met this woman at a bar and asked for her number the old-fashioned way. The lesson: Taking your friend’s advice and get out of your comfort zone can spell disaster.

Watch Episode 3 of My Krazy Ex here for another reason to be terrified of the dating scene. If you’re already hooked, then take a look at our behind the scenes gallery for pictures of the cast, crew and filming.