News > The Inspiration Behind Episode 4

At My Krazy Ex, the only thing we don’t tolerate is craziness. That’s why the woman in the story of Episode 4 struck us as very accepting, until things went tragically wrong. A story from a friend of one of our writers told us about her three-month relationship with a deeply religious man.

In the initial phase of dating, she was accepting of his views of waiting until marriage before getting physical. As time went on and he continuously excused himself when things got too intense, she became suspicious of his several minute disappearances.

One fateful day, she decided to follow him and caught him in the middle of a very unconventional way to keep the faith. In the end, his escapade made him far too crazy for any average women to deal with. Hopefully, he’s either married or found a different outlet for his urges.

A fun fact about this one, there is some nudity involved. Not too much, but enough to make it a little NSFW. The actor who played the boyfriend may have enjoyed this episode just a little too much.

To find out what forced one woman to reconsider her Krazy Ex, watch Episode 4. For photos of the cast and crew, check out our behind the scenes gallery.