News > The Idea Behind My Krazy Ex (My Crazy Ex)

CupidAs a writer, I have always considered the ‘ol “Writing 101” adage:  “Write what you know”. And I can honestly say, I know crazy. So crazy in fact, that as the creator of the My Krazy Ex web series, I had to spell “crazy” with a “K”.

In my younger dating years, you could call me the “fixer”. I felt that I could date anyone with baggage and help them through it. In the process however, their package would open up and hit me in the face (no I was never actually hit, thankfully). To be fair, my exes did crazy things, but they were not necessarily “Crazy” themselves. They were just trying to process their demons and I was their demon handler.

While creating the My Krazy Ex web series, I choose to present the material in a humorous light since many of the situations were, after all, pretty funny in hindsight. The episodes tackle crazy dating situations while allowing the audience a brief glimpse inside the head of the exes as the the silly drama unfolds.

Being an equal opportunity crazy-ex story teller, I felt it was only fair to include crazy ex boyfriends as well. I hate to admit it, but men can be just as crazy. So for the men stories, we asked around to many woman to get stories for the crazy men out there. We even found inspiration through the headlines for one of the episodes.

Of course for humor’s sake, we do take some liberties with the stories and change the names to protect the not-so innocent, but all of the episodes are inspired from actual true life crazy ex stories. And we have many more stories to tell.

—Adam Bain
Creator, Writer, Director