News > The Inspiration Behind Episode 2

Some events are simply too crazy to make up. We found inspiration for Episode 2 straight out of the headlines: “Man Spends $212,000 on Failed Love Spell.” You can see why we had to cut the amount in our episode down by 75%. Sometimes reality is a lot crazier than fiction.

Back in 2013 Jose Laparra, wealthy manager of a Spanish soccer team, decided to try out a love potion on the woman of his dreams. At My Krazy Ex, we call this kind of “love” something different but you can be the judge. The forlorn Romeo did what any self-respecting crazy ex would do: purchase a love potion from a gypsy. As expected, the potion did not succeed and he went to claim his refund in a very unconventional way.

Like the leading man in Episode 2, Jose spent a huge chunk of change on his potion. When he went to the gypsy for a refund, she refused. Next thing you know Jose takes matters into his own hands by stealing the money back. Like the leading man in our episode, Jose was caught. He had to pay an undisclosed, probably unbelievable sum, for bail.

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