Actor Bio

Jordan Scovel is an LA based actress, writer and producer. Her training includes The Upright Citizens Brigade (NYC), Washington Improv Theater (DC), Studio Theatre (DC), Wittenberg University, and Rana Joy Glickman in Los Angeles. In NY she was a founding member of the Bushwick Shakespeare Repertory, an all-female Shakespeare Company, as well as the Artful Conspirators a Brooklyn based theater company. She’s been working on a handful of shorts over the last year both comedy and drama all of which are intended for festivals. When she’s not acting she’s an eager home cook and baker as well as an aspiring yogi. She received her BA from Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH.  She loved playing a zany character like Katie from MKE!

Character Bio

Katie is a bubbly, fun loving woman, yet she has no issue being deadly serious when it comes to revenge.