Actor Bio

Andre’ Vaughn Gibson is an actor/poet who has found his niche as an artist. Through various experiences in his journey through being raised in Atlanta Ga, then moving to New York, and now as a west coast resident as throughout last 9 years has contributed to his character building. He worships a strong belief system which falls along the lines of staying in rhythm with life is just as important as staying in rhythm as an artist..  Life is a mission of recognizing our gifts and our blessings, and always showing appreciation with the given drive to achieve more than what is expect amongst ourselves as individuals. They fall hand and hand.. Everything is a balance, and everything in life has to be compartmentalized in order for us to be an asset in our mission of existence. In regards to his current career standings, he has recently scored his first supporting role next to Eric Robert’s in a feature film titled ,”Past Due”.( check out Lets all stay connected. Wishing nothing but the best of blessing in everyone’s life..

Character Bio

Pete is the local Bartender. Most of his customers know him as the Bartender Shrink. He is a great listener and is always ready to throw in his two cents if asked. With all the stories he has heard, it is hard not to trust his advice.