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What’s the web series all about?

Pete is a bartender who's heard it all.  Over the years, he's listened to stories of outrageous dates and terrible relationships.Now, he's sharing some of his favorites with us, each as told by the customer who lived through them.

In the first four episodes, Johnny's stories range from a woman who gets insanely jealous over a bizarre misunderstanding to a date that might wind up with his life on the line.

Elisabeth's two tales involve a landlord with a magical sense of how romance works and a man who might wind up needing obedience lessons.

No matter who the the patron-patient is, Pete the bartender-shrink is always there with a listening ear.

These stories are a humorous take on actual true dating stories from hell!

When will the series air?

Stay in contact with us on twitter, facebook, and instagram for all the latest information on the launch date of the web series.  Also stay in touch with us for contests, events and early screenings.  Below is the information that you can use to follow us!

Facebook: My Krazy Ex

     Twitter: @mykrazyex

Instagram: @mykrazyex

Come see the early screening!

The first 4 episodes of the My Krazy Ex web series will be shown at the Action on Film Festival.

Saturday, August 23rd 2014 at 6pm.

The block of shorts is called “An evening of KGEM screenings”

Stay in touch with us for information on future film festivals that we’ll feature these 4 episodes or new episodes later.